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UNILOG-2018: 6th World Congress and School on Universal Logic,
Vichy, France, June 16-26, 2018
The World Biggest Conference on Logic



Workshop on: The Logic of Social Practices, June 21-22, 2018

Organized by: Raffaela Giovagnoli (PUL-IRAFS) and Robert Lowe (Gothenburg University, Sweden)

Invited Speaker: Gianfranco Basti (PUL-IRAFS): "A Computable Model of Amartya Sen's Social Choice Function in the Framework of the Category Theory Logic"

Contributing Speaker: Raffaela Giovagnoli (PUL-IRAFS): "Rituals as Social Habits"

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ECSS-2018: European Computer Science Summit 2018.
Gothenburg (Sweden), 8-10 October 2018:
"Informatics Transforms and Renews"


Informatics Education Panel at ECSS in Gothenburg

Organized by: Gianfranco Basti (PUL-IRAFS) and Michael E. Caspersen (Aarhus University, Denmark)