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Philosophy is written in this great book that is continually open before our eyes (I say the universe),
but it cannot be understood without first learning to understand the language, and to know the characters in which it is written. He is written in the mathematical language.
Galilei, 1623

Group Coordinators

Prof. Flavia Marcacci – Lateran University

Prof. Philippe Larrey – Lateran University



William R. Shea, Emeritus Professor, Galileian Chair, University of Padua (Italy)

Gino Tarozzi, Full Professor of Philosophy of Science, University of Urbin “Carlo Bò” (Italy)

Raffaele Pisano, Full Professor of History of Science, University of Lille 1 (France)

Fabrizio Palombi, Full Professor of Epistemology of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Calabria (Italy)

Barbara Osimani, Professor in Charge of Philosophy of Science, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (German)

Danilo Capecchi, Full Professor in Building science at the Faculty of Architecture, University La Sapienza, Rome (Italy)

Valentina Zaffino, PhD, Lateran University (Vatican City)