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You believe in the God who plays dice, and I in complete law and order in a world which I, in a wildly speculative way, am trying to capture.
Einstein, 1944

This special issue of the journal of our Philosophy Faculty includes a collection of the updated versions of the contributions given in several Conferences on Cosmology organized by IRAFS at the Lateran University.

Table of Contents

Presentation (by Leonardo Messinese)   9
Introduction (by Gianfranco Basti, Francesco M. Ferrari)   13

Papers   29

Section I: Scientific Cosmology and Quantum Physics   31

1. Gianfranco BASTI, Foreword: a chronology of the universe evolution   33
2. Silvio BERGIA, Celebration for 100 years of the General Theory of Relativity   53
3. Cesare BINI, Open problems in Fundamental Physics   73
4. Marco BERSANELLI, A new view on the early universe 85
5. Antonio CAPOLUPO, Gaetano LAMBIASE, Giuseppe VITIELLO, Cosmic microwave radiation, neutrino masses, and fractal-like self-similar structure of the thermal vacuum   103

Section II: Ontology and Metaphysics of Nature   115

6. Gianfranco BASTI, Francesco M. FERRARI, The dual paradigm in quantum physics and in its ontology. I Part: mathematics and physics   117
7. Gianfranco BASTI, Francesco M. FERRARI, The dual paradigm in quantum physics and in its ontology. II Part: logic and ontology   163
8. William E. CARROLL, Time and Creation: Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Cosmology   195
9. Mario PANGALLO, Formless matter and creation from nothing   223
10. Marcelo SÁNCHEZ SORONDO, Common esse and Subsistent Esse: the degrees of created causality   251

Section III: Epistemology and History of Science   269

11. Owen GINGERICH, Galileo, the impact of the telescope and the birth of modern astronomy   271
12. Enrico BERTI, From physical to metaphysical cosmology: the Aristotelian path   281
13. Marcello PERA, Science, religion, and the doctrine of the two Books   295
14. Vincenzo FANO, Giovanni MACCHIA, Historical-epistemological considerations on the cosmological principle   309
15. Innocenzo CARDELLINI, The tales of creation (Gn 1-3). A teaching in life for mankind   327
16. Lubomir ŽAK, The reception of General Relativity in Pavel A. Florenskij   347
17. Charles MOREROD, From physical cosmology to the theological cosmology. The analogy path   361
18. Rino FISICHELLA, Science, philosophy, and theology in dialogue on cosmology: is a synthesis possible?   381
19. Georges COTTIER, “Causa Prima” and “Causae Secundae”   393
20. Gianfranco RAVASI, Afterward : biblical cosmology   405

Newsletter by Philip Larrey  413

Reviews    417
Pier Luigi GENTILI, Untangling Complex System. A Grand Challenge for Science [F. Marcacci]   419
Flavia MARCACCI, Cieli in contraddizione. Giovanni Battista Riccioli ed il terzo sistema del mondo [P. Capitanucci]   423

Received books   429

Download the Introduction to the Volume Introduction